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How do I rescan or "auto-tune" my TV to find new digital channels, in my area?

Use the “auto scan” function on your tv or antenna, usually from the “menu” or “setup” button on your remote. Here’s a detailed description:

How do I get free digital channels on my TV?

If your tv already has a digital tuner, you’re ready to scan and add the channels to your tv’s favorites. Otherwise, you may need rabbit ears, or an outside antenna. Check out this video for details:

How can I find out when a movie will air again?

Use “Search” to locate the title you looking for and visit the title/series page. If there are additional airings, they will be available on the title/series page.

How can I make a programming suggestion?

Click the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the page. It is primarily through your suggestions that we can continue to refine and improve our network. All constructive comments will be evaluated. Please understand that due to licensing issues we may not be able to air the movie or program that you suggest, but we will do our best to fulfill your request.

How can I contact my local LIGHTtv affiliate to report a problem?

Please visit the station’s website. Most of our affiliate partners have multiple methods to contact them, from their main site.

How can I find a LIGHTtv station near me?

Click on the “Change” button in the main navigation bar, in the location section. Enter your local zip code, to locate the GrioTV station in your market.

What cable providers carry LIGHTtv in my area?

In most markets GrioTV is carried on multiple cable systems. In order to determine if your cable system carries GrioTV and what channel to find it on, look for the “Tune in to Light” box. If you discover that your cable company does not carry GrioTV, please contact you local affiliate with your address and the name of the provider. You can also sign up for an e-mail to alert you when LIGHTtv comes to your area, with the “Change” button at the top of this page.

How can I watch LIGHTtv if I do not have cable?

In places that carry GrioTV it is also available over the air for free with a digital tuner and antenna. Please consult the “Tune in to Light” box, on most pages, to discover the channel positions in your market.

Why does the program I am watching not fit my TV screen?

GrioTV Network transmits a 4 X 3 SD signal to all affiliates. Please check the aspect ratio of either your television or converter box to select the proper setting, if that does not solve the problem contact your local affiliate.

How come the times listed on your program schedule don’t match up with the time zone that I live in?

LIGHTtv Network operates in Eastern Time, so the times for your particular region need to be adjusted accordingly. To do this on this website please be certain that you have found the TV station nearest you and selected it as your channel by clicking “Change” in the top right corner. This will automatically adjust the schedule to your specific time zone.

Why am I seeing a different movie than what should be on right now?

On rare occasions a movie is changed or substituted by the Network, and these changes may not be reflected on your on-screen or printed guides. We do this only in an attempt to provide the best possible movies available to us at any given time to our viewers.

Why is there a sporting event, news or something else airing instead of the scheduled movie?

Each GrioTV affiliate is local to your market. We believe by including local news, sports and other programming choices specific to your area, we can better serve viewers like you by supplying additional coverage of the community in which you live.

Which browsers are best for viewing

To best view our site, we recommend the following browsers: Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Google Chrome 19 or higher, Safari 5.1 or higher and Firefox 20 or higher.

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